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Jason Feddy - The Joy of OK My name is Jason Feddy.

I'm a singer, guitarist & songwriter.

Herein lies music, video and information about projects current, past & future.

Right now I'm in the studio, with the genius Alan Deremo, writing & recording a new album of original songs. Watch this space...

See where & when you can catch me live, on the "Schedules" page.

Also here, music & info about Shakespeare's Fool, my album and show consisting of songs from the plays of William Shakespeare.

The Beatroots is my incredible Beatles tribute band. We don't dress up. Visit the "Beatles" page for info.

Book me and/or one of my fabulous bands for your event. Visit the "Your event" page.

You can hear me each week (Sundays at 9am PST) on my chat & music radio show Full English Breakfast on KXRN - 93.5FM in Laguna Beach, CA or www.kx935.com everywhere. We talk nonsense and play great music. Perfect for a Sunday morning :) You can also hear the podcasts by clicking here.

My song "Easily" is the title track of the forthcoming movie, "Divorce Invitation", starring Paul Sorvino, Elliot Gould, Jonathan Bennet & Jamie-Lynne Sigler. Also in the film are songs, "I Still Want You Now (inst.)" & "I Just Remembered." Click here to see the film's trailer on YouTube.

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