Shakespeare's Fool

"What a fantastic show! ...absolutely
perfect for schools! Five stars!"

— Dr. Darlene Boyd, Director,
Gifted Students Academy,
University of CA, Irvine

"Beyond awesome,"
Tom Swimm
Artist & playwright.
Shakespeare's Fool - live
"Excellent. Fun, moving and a new light shed on Shakespeare. Truly superb."

— Susan Davis, Director of events, Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts.
There are songs in the plays of Shakespeare. Who knew? The playwright often wrote "song" in the text, above the lyric so there's no confusion. The trouble is, even accounting for the genius of WS - like most songs, they don't really grab you till you hear them performed by a singer. That's to say: reading the lyric on the page is only half the story.
Shakespeare's Fool on YouTube

In the spring of 2010, Jason Feddy and his band met with local performance poet, actor and teacher John Gardiner to develop a performance piece of Shakespeare's songs with modern, acoustic based tunes combined with speeches from Shakespeare's plays.

The result is a fast-paced, off the cuff and energetic performance called Shakespeare's Fool, featuring 10 songs and 10 speeches from the Shakespeare canon. The good-natured tension between the band and actors is unscripted and funny and the songs ROCK.

"Really great," — Sian Poescl, City Arts manager, Laguna Beach

Jason recorded the songs with his friends and musical collaborators bassist, David J Carpenter (Grant Lee Phillips, Victoria Williams, John Doe Band, Jill Sobule, Toni Childs...) and drummer, Bryan Head (Roger Hodgson of Supertramp, Foreigner, Dick Dale...) and the resulting CD is available from iTunes, CD Baby and all the usual places...