Jason has other sunglasses too.

Jason has other sunglasses too.

About Jason Feddy

  • Singer, songwriter & Guitarist
  • Broadcaster and podcaster
  • Writer of songs for theater and film
  • Cantor at Jewish services, holy days, ceremonies and celebrations
  • Beatles and Joe Cocker tribute band leader
  • Teacher and Rock n’Roll coach
  • Provider of beautiful music for your event
  • Music consultant for city and community arts projects
  • Hub Coordinator for Music in Common Orange County...

About Music In Common

Music in Common brings together people of diverse backgrounds for the unifying and transformation experience of songwriting, video, performance and recording.

The program was started in Massachusetts in 2005 by Todd Mack in the name of his friend and band mate, the Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan.

Since 2015, Jason has been program coordinator for Orange County, based in Laguna Beach. Thanks to generous grants from The City of Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and private donors, the program continues to grow in Southern California.

Music in Common’s website is here. To Contact Jason to discuss the work, or to ask about the  programs, email jason@musicincommon.org