Jason Feddy

The Beatroots - Planet earth's greatest beatles cover band.


"There are 27 million beatles cover bands in the us today"

That may or may not be true, but it is a fact. 

This one is different. For one thing, we don't dress up, which means we don't look ridiculous.

We play the songs in our own, rootsy style - hence the name.

Everyone sings. Our harmonies are BIG.

An annual staple at Laguna Beach's  Festival of Arts and Sawdust Festivals, the band is famous in town for utterly rocking crowds with its versions of big hits, obscure gems and everything in between.

Jason Feddy is lead vocalist and plays acoustic guitar.

Geoff Pearlman (Jacob Dylan, Joan Osbourne, Jon McLaughlin) plays electric guitar.

John Troy (Joe Cocker, Nathalie Cole, John Hall) on bass.

Evan Stone (Greg Adams, Rob Mullins) keeps the beat.