About Shakespeare's Fool

There are songs in the plays of Shakespeare. Actual songs - not only poems and the famous sonnets. The words survive, but the original tunes are lost to time. Even accounting for the genius of WS - like most songs, they don't really grab you till you hear them performed by a singer. That's to say: reading the lyric on the page is only half the story.

Jason Feddy has written music and melodies for 10 songs from  various plays and recorded them with some of LA’s greatest modern, acoustic rock musicians. The album, Shakespeare’s Fool, Co-produced by the legendary Ed Stasium (Ramones, Talking Heads etc…) brings these 400 year old songs bouncing back to life.

The stage show, Shakespeare’s Fool is a fast-paced, off the cuff and energetic performance featuring the 10 songs and 10 speeches from the Shakespeare canon. The good-natured tension between the band and actors is unscripted and funny and the songs ROCK.

And now, the 10 songs have been incorporated into a new theatrical work - “In Pursuit of Sylvia” by playwright Lauren Simon of ART WOW/Bare Bones Theatre. Designed to be performed by high school and college students, the play is a Shakespearean comedy-esqe romp which engages and entertains the audience and performers, while inspiring discussion and learning about The Bard and his works. 

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